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Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Spectrum Resources assists families with children diagnosed with Autism receive services, that without the help of generous donors like you, would be unable to receive. 

"When my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder I thought my world had crumbled and he would not be able to go through the phases of life the same way like his peers. Thanks to Spectrum Resources my son has been able to receive vital therapy and he has made a whole lot of progress. We are forever grateful!"

- Temi

"The sponsorship gave us an opportunity when everyone else told us no. ABA has been life changing for all of us."

- Clark Family

"Thank you so much for everything - we really appreciate it & it helped us out a lot!"

- Kennedi's mom 

"Without Spectrum Resources we would not be able to get therapy for our child. We appreciate all your help."

- Mumtaz Family

"I appreciate Spectrum Resources for all the help they have given my family. They really look out for those in need."

- Castro Family

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