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Spectrum Resources

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What We Do

Making It Manageable

The average annual cost for ABA therapy for a child diagnosed with Autism is $60,000. Studies show that 50% of families with a child on the spectrun have to reduce work hours or stop working entirely. This is why Spectrum Resources was founded. Our mission is to help families manage the finanical and emotional weight placed upon them due to the increasing costs associated with raising a child diagnosed with Autism.

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How We Help

Paving The Way To Possibility

Spectrum Resources gives families the tools they need to ensure the brightest future possible for their children.

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You Are Not Alone

1 out of every 59 children born today are diagnosed with Autism. We are building a stronger community that is more aware. Understanding and awareness is key in overcomng the challenges associated with having a child with ASD.

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Equality and Accessiblity 

Our Children Deserve The Best

One of our goals is to make quality care afforable and accessible to all families.

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Spectrum Resources

A Family

Spectrum Resouces is not a hands off organization. We work closely with the families we proudly serve.

We stand with you. 

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“The world needs different kinds of minds to work together."

Temple Grandin

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